Cashless for other fees except guide, porter, & transport by cash.

Other Fees

18 years & above

17 years & below

12 years old & below, 60 years old above, person with a disability

Conservation Fee (Malaysian)

RM 10.00

RM 5.00

Free of charge

Conservation Fee (International)

RM 50.00

RM 25.00

Other Fees


Certificate (First Class printed in color, reach summit)

RM 10.00

Certificate (Second Class printed in black & white, did not reach summit)

RM 1.00

One (1) Guide (1 guide needed per 5 adult climbers / 2 climbers aged 15 years old & below)

RM 350.00


Malaysia's First World Heritage Site

Please observe the rules and regulations of the PARKS. Under 1984’s Parks Enactment, it is an offence to damage, remove or set fire on any existing elements of the PARKS. Any act of malicious effacement is subjected to hefty fine. Bringing in any foreign plants or animals into the PARKS is strictly prohibited. Do not litter or leave any rubbish behind. Please help to protect the environment.

  1. Heart Disease

  2. Hypertension

  3. Chronic Asthma

  4. Peptic Ulcer

  5. Severe Anaemia

  6. Diabetes

  7. Epileptic Fits

  8. Arthritis

  9. Palpitation

  10. Hepatitis (Jaundice)

  11. Muscular Cramps

  12. Obesity (Over weight)

  13. Any other sickness that may be triggered by severe cold, exertion, and high altitude

  1. Identify your Guide(s) via their ID card.

  2. Stick with your group and assigned Guide(s) at all times.

  3. All climbers must adhere to your Guide’s instructions.

  4. Alert your Guide(s) if you face any difficulties.

  5. Show and display your permit to the Officials at the check points (Timpohon Gate, Laban Rata and Sayat-sayat) as you ascend and descend, or at any time requested by the officials.

  6. The WHITE rope is found from the vegetation belt above Panalaban to the Summit. Use this rope AT ALL TIMES for your safety when ascending or descending. If for any reasons, you are separated from your group or Guide(s), or the visibility is poor due to unpredictable weather changes, please use the white rope as your guide.

  7. If you are separated from your Mountain Guide(s) and lose sight of the ROPE, STOP IMMEDIATELY, stay where you are and blow your whistle to attract attention. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO FIND YOUR WAY OUT. HELP is definitely on the way. The PARKS Officials at Sayat-sayat Check Point will notice that you are missing.

  1. Warm clothing (temperature near the summit might drop)

  2. Head Torch (Waterproof head torch is recommended)

  3. Waterproof Wind Breaker

  4. A whistle

  5. High calorie snacks and drinks like chocolates and Red Bull (for emergency purpose when you are waiting for help to arrive)

  6. Waterproof gloves with good grip

  7. Hiking shoes with good grip